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Bra Cup Slicing Machine

MSN 90

Horizontal Cup Sponge Slicing Machine

     Our MSN 90 Model machine Cup padded with the needs of companies engaged in manufacturing sponge cutting machine is padding. Bras are often used in the industry.

     These models rounded form are used padded in the construction of models.

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Horizontal forming billet sponge.

Setting by customer's billet sponge slicing sizes feature.

The width of the cut sponge or be able to adjust the height.

High density 26 - 35 (polyester) sponge cutting feature.

The desired number (PAIR) stopping and the memorization.

LCD touch control panel.

Adjustable cutting thickness of the touch screen.

The slicing speed can be adjusted on the touch screen.

With stepper motor digital precision thickness control.

Electronic regulating system.

Easy and comfortable user-friendly design.

Technical Specifications
Working Voltage 220 V , 50/60 Hz (+/- 10%)
Engine Power 0,75 kW3P ACI Engine
  0,75 kW3P ACI Engine
  0,50 kW3P ACI Engine
Control Type Semi-Automatic - Computerized Control System
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