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Stretch and Aluminum Foil Rewinder Machine


Stretch Rewinder Machine

     Our MSN 70 PRE model machines are heavily used in the manufacture of pre-stretched stretch industry.

     This model machine industry to stretch up to 300% Pre-stretch rewind to the desired rate.Also optionally to increase the strength of stretch edgefolding operate.With these features, first produced in Turkey Stretch Rewinding Machine Pre-Stretch holds the title of being.

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Special design for jumbo roll 60 cm diameter.

Pneumatic loading system sleeved roll off the ground.

High rewinding speed. ( 500 meters/minute. )

Special stretch tear and tensile sensor.

Encoder systems for high metering accuracy.

With servo motor system setting from the touch panel sensitive Pre-stretch.

Up to 300% pre-stretching capability.

Rewinding up to 3000 meters single pneumatic rewinding head.

To increase the strength of stretch edgefolding system.

Pneumatic rewinding pressure setting.(Pneumatic rewinding the bobbin as the pressing setting.)

Pneumatic pressure adjustment unit opener.(The opening strap pneumatic pressure setting.)

Pneumatic stretch traversing system.

7" Touch screen LCD control panel.

Electronic Regulator System. (Low and high voltage protection system. Max. 270V - 180V min)

DSP microcontroller system with automatic calibration system.

Technical Specifications
Decompressor Unit Properties Rewinder Unit Properties
Maximum jumbo roll width 50 cm Maximum roll width 55 cm
Maximum roll diameter 60 cm Minimum bobbin diameter 40 mm
Maximum roll weight 150 kg Maximum bobbin diameter 76 mm
Maximum roll diameter 76 – 150 mm Maximum roll diameter 20 cm
Technical Information
Physical Dimensions 170 x 140 x 140 cm
Working voltage 380 V 3P , 50/60 Hz (+/- 10%)
Engine power 4 kW 3P Asynchronous Engine
Servo Power 19 N Servo Engine
Pneumatic air pressure 6 Atm
Rewind Interval 30 cm - 50 cm
Rewinding Speed 500 meters/minute
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