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Stretch and Aluminum Foil Rewinder Machine

MSN 70

Stretch and Aluminum Foil Rewinder Machine

     Our MSN 70 model machine,food stretch,Industry stretch,aluminum foil, and many more different products with the goal of precision metering process is used by our customers.

     This model especially food stretch and aluminum foil rewinding of our customers who are demanded.The main reason for this,the material used according to the food and high precision rewinding.

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Food stretch,pallet stretch and aluminum foil rewind.

Health requirements electrostatic paint and stainless galvanized metal frame.

High rewinding speed. ( 500 meters/minute )

When you have finished rewinding automatic or manual cutting options.

At High-speed rewinding nonperishable quality.

Adjustable pneumatic system support.

Pneumatic pressure adjustment.(Rewinding the bobbin,and the process of opening pressure setting that strap)

DSP intelligent control system with microcontroller.

LCD touch control panel.

Electronic regulating system.

Easy and comfortable user-friendly design.

DSP automatic calibration system with microcontroller system.

Technical Specifications
Decompressor Unit Properties Rewinder Unit Properties
Maximum jumbo roll width 50 cm Maximum roll width 55 cm
Maximum roll diameter 40 cm Minimum bobbin diameter 28 mm
Maximum roll weight 180 kg Maximum bobbin diameter 76 mm
Standard bobbin diameter 76 - 150 mm Maximum roll diameter 20 cm
Technical Information
Physical Dimensions 100 x 100 x 70 cm
Working voltage 220 V , 50/60 Hz (+/- 10%)
Engine power 2,2 kW3P ACI Engine
Pneumatic air pressure 6 Atm
Rewind speed 500 meters/minute
Control Type Semi-Automatic - Computerized Control System
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MSN 70 Material List
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